Encouraging Repeat Business with Exceptinal Customer Service

Maybe it’s a cliché but the old adage, “the customer is always right” is truer than we think. We all know that customer service is a huge component in repeat business. Going above and beyond what is asked of you and your service will not only produce a reliable and devoted customer, it may also create wave of repeat and referral business.

Lets look first at going above and beyond the client’s expectations. If your customer needs information, give him all that he asks and more in a timely manner. Provide more than is required. If it is a service you provide, say virtual assistant work, be willing to make your client shine. We all appreciate someone who works hard on our behalf. We all admire the one worker who carries out his or her duties thoroughly and humbly. When you let your client look good due to your efforts, he will return to you with more business and be sincerely grateful for your efforts.

What about when things go wrong? In this scenario, be frank. An error has occurred, there is no need to grovel, and you will take a personal interest in setting the matter straight. Also, keep your customer informed of your progress. Fix the error and move on, these things happen. Your speedy and candid professionalism will speak greater volumes than the fact that an error occurred in the first place.

Lastly, keep in touch. Always take an opportunity to express your appreciation for the work your client provides you with. You may communicate daily in a business sense, once in a while send a card to say thanks. Also, find out their hobbies, interests, and important anniversaries. Let them know you interested in them as a person. Business is important yes, but you are concerned for the individual behind the business. People love that kind of genuine involvement and thought from others. You will be creating an open and hospitable feeling that extends far beyond the needs of business.

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